Singapore’s Vintage Mosaic Playgrounds

Throwback Thursday…I’ve featured the vintage mosaic playgrounds of Singapore before and the most comprehensive archive of these great spaces is at the rememberingsingapore blog, if you haven’t visited there yet.  But there is also a wonderful new ebook out, showcasing some never-before seen design renderings and an interview with designer Khor Ean Gee.  He reveals that the tiles were originally chosen to save on maintenance…no annual painting needed!  They have indeed been amazingly resilient, still colorful and even outlasting the plastic poles and platforms some of them were replaced with in the 1990s.  And they remain a focal point for community life as well as new artistic endeavors like the photographs of Fong Qi Wei, also featured in the e-book.

Though many of Singapore’s vintage playgrounds were lost, the attention they’ve garnered over the last few years should ensure the survival of the remaining sites.  If you have a vintage playground worth preserving, I’d love to draw attention to it and help it survive!  You can use the new ‘submissions’ feature up in the blog header to let me know.

Download the e-book at singaporememory.

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