Tuffsen, Egon Möller-Nielsen, 1949


Much as I appreciate natural playgrounds, though, I wouldn’t want to miss out on things like a swing that lights or the vintage stylings of Benjamin Dominguez or the three-dimensional design immersion provided by playgrounds like the Stoss SafeZone or the Jardin d’email.
Or the ability to climb around on a work of modern art, like this 1949 installation by Egon Möller-Nielsen in Reimer Holm Park, Stockholm [source]. Though artistic comissions are out of the reach of most playgrounds, these are unique experiences for children as well, and where available should be celebrated. Perhaps it will encourage more artists to make playground pieces. Hmmm…whether to make something to stand in a sterile museum, or to live under cheerful trees and children’s feet….

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  1. Michelle said:

    Wonderful blog!

    You have reminded me of the recently-built memorial to Dr. Seuss: http://www.catinthehat.org/memorial.htm It isn’t exactlt a playground, but children can climb on the sculptures.

    January 19, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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