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Attracted to everything colourful and whimsical, Dee integrates this with her interest in urban planning. She is passionate about play(scapes) for all citizens, particularly the encouragement of interactive participation and the integration of public art in communities.

“Four Seasons” — Toronto, Ontario.

four seasons 03 - deidre tomlinson

Imagine looking out your window daily and seeing these modern, multi-hued sculptures!  The local residents (and passers-by) of the Emerald City Condos in North York can thank Douglas Coupland, the artist behind these constructed forms.


The installation titled Four Seasons consists of four colourful, vertically-stretched cones that are 48 feet tall, each representing a season [winter, spring, summer, and fall].  They embody Coupland’s design aesthetic:

"When I think of landscape, I think of pencil crayons you get at school.  The happy feeling you get in your head when you open the crayons and the colours are so shocking and bright … I wanted to create a landscape from scratch with unexpected objects, in an expected location."


Here’s a video of Coupland in his West Vancouver studio discussing this public art project.


Image Credits:

Deidre Tomlinson + Urban Toronto.



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