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I'm a landscape architect, teacher and, sometimes, artist. My office pracownia k. specializes in designing playscapes and built-environment education. I live in Krakow (Poland) with my husband Michał and son Franciszek.
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Indian Village Reactivation

The original „Indian Village” was designed by architect Jacek Krenz and sculptor Maja Kuczyńska in the 1970s. Artists belonged to the so-called Kadyny Group and worked on the many projects for blocks of flats in the Tricity. The playground was made by a group of prisoners, as part of rehabilitation activities. The village did not survive to our times.

See also: Playgrounds of Jacek Krenz, Poland, 1970s

In 2012, during the festival Streetwaves, playground was rebuilt. The authors of the new version are the designers of the group Tabanda. On the basis of a few pictures and memories of residents of the estate they have created a creative reconstruction of the village. Because of the low budget the playground was only a temporary installation.

Gdańsk-Żabianka (21)

Gdańsk-Żabianka (14)

Gdańsk-Żabianka (16)

Gdańsk-Żabianka (17)

Gdańsk-Żabianka (18)
Gdańsk-Żabianka (23)

Gdańsk-Żabianka (27)

2 Responses to “Playscapes Correspondents”

  1. Terri Hammer said:

    This is fantastic! I am a former Drama teacher, currently teaching Fine Art, to school-aged kids, in various schools in and around Hollywood, in California. I moved here from New Mexico to start an after school program based on engagement & participation, freedom, but most of all FUN!
    I’ve recently gotten interested in combining seniors and kids together because I think there is a wealth of knowledge, imagination, curiosity, creativity, and fun between them. In the U.S., both populations are kind of considered secondary, when in reality they are both treasures. I just love this project! Very inspiring.

    And remember, the groups that play together, work best together!

    March 09, 2015 at 10:29 pm

  2. Jorge said:

    It looks so amazing! Great design work and use of the environment materials, together with music art and culure. Congratulations to the team! Thanks for sharing!

    May 28, 2014 at 11:56 am

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