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I'm a landscape architect, teacher and, sometimes, artist. My office pracownia k. specializes in designing playscapes and built-environment education. I live in Krakow (Poland) with my husband Michał and son Franciszek.
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Playing Field — temporary playground

In recent years, the interest of ethnography in Poland has grown rapidly. Folk motifs appear in industrial design, graphics and even in architecture. In the year 2010 the Ethnographic Museum in Kraków organized Etnodizajn Festival. One of the highlights was an outdoor exhibition on the Wolnica square „Wolnica, Freedom, Imagination". One of the elements of the exhibition was a temporary natural playground by pracownia k.

Created space was a metaphor for a return to nature and unfettered, children's creativity. "Playing Field" refers to the fields of cereals, as well as toys made by rural children, which based on the available materials. Wicker sticks were used to construct huts or played role of horses. Pavement was covered with natural materials, such as various types of sand, soil, bark. Children formed sand castles, drew sand patterns, strolled along "path of bare feet". The braided sticks referred to the ears of grain, the wicker seat resembled straw. The most important thing is that each element can be used in several ways. Patchwork game boards could become a roof or wall of a house, a tepee cover or a curtain in the theater of dolls, clay mouse – pawns or figures to play.01_Pole zabaw (5) 01_Pole zabaw (7) 01_Pole zabaw (8) 01_Pole zabaw (4) 01_Pole zabaw (9) 01_Pole zabaw (10)

2 Responses to “Playscapes Correspondents”

  1. Terri Hammer said:

    This is fantastic! I am a former Drama teacher, currently teaching Fine Art, to school-aged kids, in various schools in and around Hollywood, in California. I moved here from New Mexico to start an after school program based on engagement & participation, freedom, but most of all FUN!
    I’ve recently gotten interested in combining seniors and kids together because I think there is a wealth of knowledge, imagination, curiosity, creativity, and fun between them. In the U.S., both populations are kind of considered secondary, when in reality they are both treasures. I just love this project! Very inspiring.

    And remember, the groups that play together, work best together!

    March 09, 2015 at 10:29 pm

  2. Jorge said:

    It looks so amazing! Great design work and use of the environment materials, together with music art and culure. Congratulations to the team! Thanks for sharing!

    May 28, 2014 at 11:56 am

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