Call for Artists: San Diego Beachfront Playscape

Are you a playful artist? No official RFP on this one but a group in San Diego is looking for LOCAL community artist collaborations for their upcoming beachfront playscape development.  Once again, get in touch and I’ll put you through.  Artists who have been featured on Playscapes can also be listed in the Providers Directory, at special rates.  Just send me an email, and then folks will be able to find you!

One Response to “Call for Artists: San Diego Beachfront Playscape”

  1. aurélie brunet said:


    I shall be delighted to put my skills in the service of your project and in association with the local actors.
    I develop interactive and playful furniture, allowing to create new links in the public place.
    It’s up to us now!!

    Wakup Studio

    June 25, 2014 at 1:38 am

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