Playscapes’ New Year’s Countdown

Looking back, looking forward and feeling thankful…

Top 10s of slides, swings, hills, everything…coming in January!

9k in additional web development fees (groan); it’s been a battle since the launch earlier this year.  Fortunately there will be a Spring 2014 re-re-launch that will work much better for everyone.

8 (x2) = 16 Playscapes correspondents from ten countries adding their insight, observations and great ideas.  More coming in 2014 as we increase capacity.

7 S is for seven and S is for Sarah Carrier, who joined me as co-editor this year to manage Facebook and Pinterest and various other things.  She’s doing a great job. Thank you Sarah!

60,000+ downloads of the PlayHive (thank you Thoughtbarn!)

5 Providers in the new provider directory!  Thank you Luckey Climbers, ZidZid Kids, Earthscape, Earthartist, and Thoughtbarn.  Remember that if you’ve been featured on the blog, you can also join the directory, and you’ll be supporting great things here at Playscapes.

4 Patents (total).  This year US Patent #8,574,744, “Nanoscale three-dimensional battery architecture”  finally issued.  And with that, I’ve left the university to form my own nanotech startup. I’m under no illusions that this will make me any less busy, but at least my schedule will be much more flexible, which will enable (fingers crossed) playscaping trips to Scandinavia and Japan in 2014.  Let me know if you’d like to see me, or collaborate on something.

3hundredthousand unique visitors in 2013.  Nice to meet you, too.

2 cool Play-things in the Playscapes store:  Aldo blocks, and a Bloor poster.  More on the way.  And 2 more vintage book downloads coming in the New Year!

1 New Years’ Resolution:  a two-week turnaround on all emails.    I know that doesn’t seem very impressive, but for my inbox it will be a small miracle.  Thanks for putting up with my long response times, and if your email still languishes, just resend it.   Also one gig curating a play exhibit, June of 2014, to be announced soon!

Playscapes friends, innumerable.  This blog is still the most heart-warming thing I do, and I thank you for being here.

May 2014 be a great year of play for us all!


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