Play Notes for your June 21, 2013 weekend

  •  To cool you down on this longest day of summer…designer Svend Stovlbek sent me the above photo of his lovely snowbound playscape, installed in a small village in the north-north of Norway – Latitude: 68.72833333 / Longitude: 16.83944444, which also includes a small stock of  of goats, sheep and chickens!
  • URBANITAS BERLIN BARCELONA is organizing  an International Conference:  Childhood and Public Space: a dialogue between the Arts, Education and Urban Design. in Barcelona, 6 to 7 July 2013.  A forum to facilitate dialogue between international professionals; a series of round-table talks, workshops and visits to public spaces, as well as a  symbolic action in one of Barcelona’s city squares.More info:
  • See an update (and more nice photos!) of the Learn-Move-Play-Ground project in Cairo Egypt (originally posted here) at the baladilab site.  Baladilab is a Design-Build studio in form of a Summer School organised by Prof. Barbara Pampe and Vittoria Capresi in cooperation with Susanne Hofmann and the Baupiloten.

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