Play-Notes for your July 5, 2013 weekend

So the big news this weekend is that the Playscapes Correspondents are finally up and posting, huzzah!

A big welcome to friends who have posted so far:  Amber in Japan, Ana in Brazil, Eloise in France, Gary in Australia, and Meagan (Cleveland) and Marie (NYC-Central Park Conservancy) from the USofA!

And they’re just the beginning…over the next month we’ll meet many more.  You can follow our correspondents in the sidebar on the front page, as well as through  the dedicated correspondents page, which also features a map of all the postings.

I know it has been a long time coming since the call for correspondents last fall, and I appreciate your patience in the ongoing saga of my web development woes. There will be multiple new features finally rolling out over the next few weeks as Playscapes moves toward being not so much just me talking, but a wonderful gathering of folks from across the world committed to great design for play.

If I got in touch with you last fall, and you (ahem) didn’t return your freelance contract, this is your reminder.  If I DIDN’T get in touch with you, I’m swimming upstream to get there, and you’ll hear from me soon.  If you want to apply or reapply, just use the link on the correspondents page.

I’m so glad to embark on this new phase of the blog’s lifeand look forward to building an even richer set of play inspiration from all across the world–to inspire those all across the world–here at Playscapes!

All best playground wishes,


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  1. Meagan said:

    So excited to be a part of this! I should have another post up sometime this weekend.

    July 05, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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