Pop­Up Adventure Play Tour, ­Spring 2014


The nice people at PopUp Adventure Play–responsible for instant, scrap-based playscapes at sites like MoMA and Governor’s Island–are hitting the road, and you can be one of their stops!

“Our tour will start on the East coast and zip very quickly across to the West. After that, we hope to meander our way back home with the total length of our trip lasting about 8 weeks starting 19th February 2014. At each location, we hope to provide a Pop-Up Adventure Playground – a free-to-attend event where the entire community, old and young, can play together using loose parts. To cover the costs of that event, we’d love to then run a workshop or seminar about play in a topic of your choice.”

To find out more information or to book a stop on the tour for your location, you can contact the tour organiser: suzanna@popupadventureplay.org, and do visit their website at  http://www.popupadventureplay.org/

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