Would you like to be a Playscapes correspondent?

Dear readers,

Playscapes is growing fast, and will transition to a new comprehensive website at the first of the year.  It’s just a reflection, really, of the dramatic increase in attention to playground design since I started the blog nearly five years ago.  Then, I scraped and scrounged in the the far pages of google searches to find designs worthy of posting.  Now, I can hardly keep up!  (And yes, in answer to many questions, there is at last a Playscapes book under discussion, which is so exciting.)

I’d like to invite you, my amazing readers, to join the effort to curate and highlight great play design.  As a Playscapes correspondent, you’ll track sites, events, and organizations specific to your country or region.   You’ll get your own byline here on the blog (which is approaching 100,000 page views a month), and yes, there is even pay involved!  Not alot, but enough to make it worth your while.  “The laborer is worthy of his hire” was a watchword of my upbringing, and I don’t ask anyone but myself to work for free.

If you’re interested send me an email BY DECEMBER 4 (see the blog sidebar for my email address) with the following:

1.  Introduce yourself, and your interest in playgrounds, in a paragraph or so.

2.  Say what country or region you’re in (could be more than a country, or less than a country!) and/or would be interested in covering.

3.  Let me know if you belong to any playground groups or organizations.

4.  Tell me whether or not you are employed in the play industry in any way (it doesn’t necessarily exclude you but I need to evaluate any potential conflicts of interest).

5.  Tell me some things you’d like to cover as a correspondent.

It’s that simple.  Further details when you apply!  I’m excited about the next phase of Playscape‘s life, and look forward to making my readers a part of it…let me hear from you!

All best playground wishes,



3 Responses to “Would you like to be a Playscapes correspondent?”

  1. Cal Cooper said:

    Hello! My name is Cal Cooper. I have been serving the Playground/Park and Recreation industry for close to 30 years. My company is Design Systems. You can preview some of our products at http://www.designsystems.biz.
    The reason I am extremely interested is that I am 67 years old and seriously thinking of retiring from the active playground business. I do not however have a desire to just go lay on a beach somewhere because I still have a lot of personal goals yet to be reached. What caught my eye about being a prospective correspondent is that I really enjoy writing. That coupled with my experience in the playground industry seems like it would be a perfect fit for me. Also I love Design (Thus the name of my company, Design Systems) I do all my own AutoCAD design and then oversee all my projects to guarantee their success from start to finish.
    Before I close the doors on the business I need to find other outlets wherein I can use my experience to the best benefit of some other organization but at a less demanding pace than I am accustomed to. I have typically worked 12-14 hours a day and it is taking a toll on my health. In essence I need to slow down and enjoy my 11 grand children. Along those lines I have just taken a part time position with Bricks4Kidz which is an off chute of Lego Company. I am working in an afterschool program at several of the elementary schools in my area teaching kids science/robotics etc. Our class starts with a lesson plan and evolves from there. For example this week was a study of the planet Mars and the lunar landers etc. Then we had hands on fun with the kids and built a motorized robot.
    As far as a conflict of interest I really do not see that as an issue. I do not intend to push product that would be in competition with my competitors. The only exception would be is that I need to continue to produce revenue from some source until I find other avenues of income. As a result closing the doors of Design Systems most likely be more gradual than sudden.
    I have always had a good relationship with my competitors. I am a Christian man and do not feel that ethically I need to harbor resentment to anyone, even if they are a competitor. Also, over the years I have been a rep for other major playground manufacturer’s I.E. Playworld Systems, Miracle Recreation, Sportsplay etc. I know the reps on a first name basis and, as much as can be expected, have good relationships with each of them.
    As far as playground groups are concerned I am a member of the playground group on LinkedIn.com which is where I got your name and the info that you were looking for correspondents. Other than that I am not currently involved with other playground groups. I am listed on the Pennsylvania COSTARS state contract and do get a reasonable amount of work and exposure as a result of that.
    Regarding input on what service I would expect to offer of course I would look for the most unique expertly designed project and focus on them in terms of highlighting their institutional/cultural/financial/environmental etc. impact on the regions wherein they are located. I really enjoy photography and have a sufficient amount of digital equipment to produce reasonable result with regard to graphic design and layout. Though not an expert, I designed my own web site in addition to my wife’s and feel like I have a good grasp on what it takes to create eye appeal.
    As far as territory is concerned I am located in Pennsylvania (USA)I feel like I could cover eastern US or at a minimum the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia)
    Please feel free to call me at 888-882-5763 so we can further discuss the possibility of working together.

    Cal Cooper

    January 17, 2014 at 9:51 am

  2. Ashley Davenport said:


    I am recent RISD graduate with a degree in landscape architecture. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area- I would love to cover newly designed playgrounds locally. I am not employed by anyone in the play industry. I am especially interested in ecological playscapes, artful play structures, and evaluating outmoded or dilapidated playgrounds.I am interested also in the history of playgrounds and theories of play design.

    Thanks for considering me as a correspondent!

    October 03, 2013 at 5:20 pm

  3. arantza alvarez said:

    my name is Arantza Álvarez. I´m an architect from Madrid (Spain) and I edit http://www.archkids.com. I also have a section of playgrounds (where I´ve linked to your great site in some posts). If you like we can collaborate and I can provide you information of playgrounds design in Spain.
    Best regards,
    Arantza Álvarez

    March 23, 2013 at 4:23 pm

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